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22-25 November 2022




23-26 May 2023 (on view: 18-21 May)
21-24 November 2023 (on view: 16-19 November)


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77/3145   [Stereoscopes]. Revolving stereoscope,

77/3145 [Stereoscopes]. Revolving…

[Stereoscopes]. Revolving stereoscope, n.pl., without producer's name, ±1900, 26(w.)x26,6(d.)x44(h.) cm., rotating chain type magazine for 25...

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77/2402   [Fencing]. Capoferro, R.

77/2402 [Fencing]. Capoferro, R.

[Fencing]. Capoferro, R. Gran Simulacro dell' Arte, e dell' Uso della Scherma. Siena, E. Gori, 1629...

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77/2735   Raffles, T.S.

77/2735 Raffles, T.S.

Raffles, T.S. The History of Java. London, Black, Parbury and Allen ("Booksellers to the Hon. East-India...

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77/3911   Escher, M.C. (1898-1972).

77/3911 Escher, M.C. (1898-1972).

Escher, M.C. (1898-1972). Regelmatige vlakverdeling (Regular division of the plane). Utr., Stichting De Roos, 1958, 45,(4)p...

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77/3728   Brown, J. (1951-2020).

77/3728 Brown, J. (1951-2020).

Brown, J. (1951-2020). The Happy Prince. Text O. Wilde. Amsterdam, Picaron Editions, 1993, no pagination, gouache...

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77/3390   Mekicki, R. (1887-1942).

77/3390 Mekicki, R. (1887-1942).

Mekicki, R. (1887-1942). Lot of ±35 ex libris, various techniques, some signed in pencil, mostly tipped...

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77/3204   Braungart, R.

77/3204 Braungart, R.

Braungart, R. Der Akt im modernen Exlibris. Munich, F. Hanfstaengl, 1922, 43,(1)p., 86 (tinted) plates w...

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77/5309   Bresdin, R. (1825-1885).

77/5309 Bresdin, R. (1825-1885).

Bresdin, R. (1825-1885). La comédie de la mort. Lithograph, 21,9x15,1 cm., signed "Bresdin 1854" on the...

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77/133   [Architecture]. Wright, F.L.

77/133 [Architecture]. Wright, F…

[Architecture]. Wright, F.L. Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe von Frank Lloyd Wright. Berlin, Wasmuth, 1910, 1st ed...

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77/4927   [Amsterdam and surroundings]. Allerheerlykst Gezicht van de stad

77/4927 [Amsterdam and surroundin…

[Amsterdam and surroundings]. "Allerheerlykst Gezicht van de stadt Amsterdam in haar geheele uitgestrektheit langs den Scheepryken Ystroom". ...

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77/1455   [Kieffer, R.]. Poe, E.A.

77/1455 [Kieffer, R.]. Poe, E.A.

[Kieffer, R.]. Poe, E.A. Le Roi Peste. Paris, Editions René Kieffer, 1925, 5 versions in 2...

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77/2921   [Posters]. Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.).

77/2921 [Posters]. Anonymous (1st…

[Posters]. Anonymous (1st half 20th cent.). "Tol'ko dva dnya. Teatr im. Chelyuskintsev. Vpervye v Groznom. Grandioznyj bal-koncert (...) Moskovskogo Zhenskogo...

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77/2998   [(Ant)arctica]. Ekama, H. (1858-1935).

77/2998 [(Ant)arctica]. Ekama, H…

[(Ant)arctica]. Ekama, H. (1858-1935). Lot of 30 albumen prints made during the Dutch expedition to the North-Pole, ...

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77/2313   [Classical antiquity and neolatinism]. Vives, J.L.

77/2313 [Classical antiquity and …

[Classical antiquity and neolatinism]. Vives, J.L. De anima & vita libri tres. Eiusdem argumenti Viti Amerbachii de Anima Libri IIII...

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77/3088   [Man Ray (1890-1976)]. Cocteau, J.

77/3088 [Man Ray (1890-1976)]. Co…

[Man Ray (1890-1976)]. Cocteau, J. L'Ange Heurtebise. Poème avec une photographie de l'ange par Man Ray. ...

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77/4601   Sicilia, J.M. (b.1954).

77/4601 Sicilia, J.M. (b.1954).

Sicilia, J.M. (b.1954). Spell Bound. Paris, Michael Woolworth, 1992, 7 beeswaxed, sown w. black thread and...

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77/1293   Conan Doyle, A.

77/1293 Conan Doyle, A.

Conan Doyle, A. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. London, G. Newnes, 1894 [= 1893], 1st ed...

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77/409   Roth, D.

77/409 Roth, D.

Roth, D. Gesammelte Werke. Band 1-20. Stuttg. etc., Hansjörg Mayer a.o., 1969-1976, 20 vols., num. (col.)...

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77/789   [World War II]. (Hillesum, E.).

77/789 [World War II]. (Hillesum…

[World War II]. (Hillesum, E.). Drie brieven van den kunstschilder Johannes Baptiste van der Pluym (1843-1912). Ed. A.C.G. Botterman-Van der...

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77/2384   [Emblemata]. Schabaelje, J.P.

77/2384 [Emblemata]. Schabaelje, …

[Emblemata]. Schabaelje, J.P. Emblemata sacra, Bestaande in meer dan Drie hondert Bybelsche Figueren, Soo des Ouden als des Nieuwen Testaments...

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77/1223   Couperus, L.

77/1223 Couperus, L.

Couperus, L. De stille kracht. Amst., L.J. Veen, n.d. (1900), 1st ed., 2 parts in 1...

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77/5750   [Butterflies etc.]. Anonymous (early 19th cent.).

77/5750 [Butterflies etc.]. Anony…

[Butterflies etc.]. Anonymous (early 19th cent.). Album with 170 watercolours of butterflies, caterpillars, flowers and plants, ...

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77/1671   [Prints, drawings and paintings]. Lodge, G.E. (1860-1954).

77/1671 [Prints, drawings and pai…

[Prints, drawings and paintings]. Lodge, G.E. (1860-1954). The falcon. Drawing, brush and ink, white gouache, black...

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77/4006   Haas, A.J. de (1920-1972).

77/4006 Haas, A.J. de (1920-1972)…

Haas, A.J. de (1920-1972). (Christ on the Cross with a cat at his feet). Oil on...

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77/1606   Latham, S.

77/1606 Latham, S.

Latham, S. Lathams Faulconry, or the Faulcons Lure and Cure: In Two Books. The first concerning the ordering and training...

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77/1372   Baj, E.

77/1372 Baj, E.

Baj, E. La cravate ne vaut pas une medaille Geneva, Rousseau, 1972, (40) folded lvs. w...

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77/5910   Velde II, J. van de (1593-1641).

77/5910 Velde II, J. van de (1593…

Velde II, J. van de (1593-1641). (Bearded man with fur coat and hat with a book in front of him). ...

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77/5727   Beeldsnijder van Voshol- van Toulon, M.A.M. (1792-1880).

77/5727 Beeldsnijder van Voshol- …

Beeldsnijder van Voshol- van Toulon, M.A.M. (1792-1880). (Still life of shot game and a hunting rifle leaning against a tree...

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77/583   Zwart, P.

77/583 Zwart, P.

Zwart, P. [Wij Nu]. "Wij Nu! Vereeniging: Experimenteel Tooneel (...)". The Hague, Vereeniging: Experimenteel Tooneel Wij...

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77/5757   Cuyp, J.G. (1594-1652) (style/ surroundings of).

77/5757 Cuyp, J.G. (1594-1652) (s…

Cuyp, J.G. (1594-1652) (style/ surroundings of). (Half-length portrait of a man holding a tongue depressor). Oil...

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77/4419   Pieck, A.F. (1895-1987).

77/4419 Pieck, A.F. (1895-1987).

Pieck, A.F. (1895-1987). (A drunken man on a galloping carousel horse). Drawing, pen and ink, corrections...

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77/408   Roth, D.

77/408 Roth, D.

Roth, D. Bok 5. Reykjavik, forlag ed., 1961, (62)p. each w. a full-p. geometrical ill., printed...

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77/605   Gay Monopoly.

77/605 Gay Monopoly.

Gay Monopoly. West Hollywood, Fire Island Games, 1983, contents: playing board, rule booklet ((8)p.), 22 property...

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77/3099   Newman, A. (1918-2006).

77/3099 Newman, A. (1918-2006).

Newman, A. (1918-2006). "Igor Stravinsky 1947". Gelatin silver print, 18,1x34,4 cm., laid down on mount, titled...

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77/4410   Picasso, P. (1881-1973).

77/4410 Picasso, P. (1881-1973).

Picasso, P. (1881-1973). "Le Paysage". Handpainted and partly glazed earthenware plate, Ø 41,5 cm., 1953, numb...

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77/2091   [America]. Lewis, M. and Clark, W.

77/2091 [America]. Lewis, M. and …

[America]. Lewis, M. and Clark, W. Travels to the Source of the Missouri River, and across the American Continent to...

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77/484   [Teige, K.]. ReD. Mesícník pro moderní kulturu. Year 1-3. Ed. K.

77/484 [Teige, K.]. ReD. Mesícník…

[Teige, K.]. ReD. Měsíčník pro moderní kulturu. Year 1-3. Ed. K. Teige. Prague, Odeon, 1927-1931, 30...

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77/1692   [Sculpture and ceramics]. Esser, M. (1885-1945).

77/1692 [Sculpture and ceramics]…

[Sculpture and ceramics]. Esser, M. (1885-1945). (Hunting falcon). Figurine, white porcelain, 66,5 cm. (height), inscribed "Esser...

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77/2145   [Atlases]. Renard, L.

77/2145 [Atlases]. Renard, L.

[Atlases]. Renard, L. Atlas van Zeevaert en Koophandel door de Geheele Weereldt. Vertoonende in bizondere op elkander volgende Kaerten (...)...

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77/1498   Ostaijen, P. van.

77/1498 Ostaijen, P. van.

Ostaijen, P. van. Bezette stad. Antw., Sienjaal, 1921, 1st ed., (151)p., w. loosely inserted errata leaf...

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77/1970   [Zoology]. Jonston, J.

77/1970 [Zoology]. Jonston, J.

[Zoology]. Jonston, J. Theatrum universale omnium animalium piscium, avium, quadrupedum, exanguium, aquaticorum, insectorum, et angium (...). Ed. H. Ruysch. ...

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77/4678   Valk, H.J. (1897-1986).

77/4678 Valk, H.J. (1897-1986).

Valk, H.J. (1897-1986). "Schwarzwald". Oil on panel, 27,7x19,5 cm., monogrammed "H.V.60" in lower right corner, orig...

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77/1681   [Prints, drawings and paintings]. Waller, R. (1895-1979).

77/1681 [Prints, drawings and pai…

[Prints, drawings and paintings]. Waller, R. (1895-1979). "Falke Tarek". Oil on canvas, 47x38 cm., signed "RWaller...

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77/4514   Roth, D. (1930-1998).

77/4514 Roth, D. (1930-1998).

Roth, D. (1930-1998). "57 Selbst-Reisebilder vom 20.4.'80 - 23.7.'80 gez. für Kees Broos höflichst, wie man wohl sieht, von Dieter...

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77/4481   Rajlich, T. (b.1940).

77/4481 Rajlich, T. (b.1940).

Rajlich, T. (b.1940). (Linear composition). Painting on a large rectangular board, white acrylic, pen and black...

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77/3897   Ensor, J. (1860-1949).

77/3897 Ensor, J. (1860-1949).

Ensor, J. (1860-1949). Envy. Etching finished w. watercolour from the series of 8 Deadly sins, 1904...

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77/3883   Eekman, N.M. (1889-1973).

77/3883 Eekman, N.M. (1889-1973).

Eekman, N.M. (1889-1973). "Le Palefrenier". Oil on canvas, 79x45 cm., signed lower right. ...

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77/231   Filmliga, Orgaan der Nederlandsche - . Year 1-3. [Continued as:]

77/231 Filmliga, Orgaan der Neder…

Filmliga, Orgaan der Nederlandsche - . Year 1-3. [Continued as:] Filmliga. Onafhankelijk maandblad voor filmkunst. Year (4/)5-8. [Continued as:] Filmgids...

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77/1178   Carmiggelt, S.

77/1178 Carmiggelt, S.

Carmiggelt, S. "Vier Kroegmannen". ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT, (±1974), ballpoint, (1),16 lvs. (incl. title), recto only. -...

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77/199   [Dada]. 391. No.14.

77/199 [Dada]. 391. No.14.

[Dada]. "391". No.14. Paris, Au Sans Pareil, (1920), (8)p., ills., folio. ...

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77/4458   Poppel, P. van (b.1945).

77/4458 Poppel, P. van (b.1945).

Poppel, P. van (b.1945). "Verkoopster". Mixed technique, acrylic and col. pencil on board, 37x27 cm., signed...

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77/3539   Verhagen, O. (1885-1951).

77/3539 Verhagen, O. (1885-1951).

Verhagen, O. (1885-1951). "Ex Libris E. André de la Porte-Strumphler". Cliché ex libris, 12x7 cm., monogrammed...

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77/3209   Brunovsky, A. (1935-1997).

77/3209 Brunovsky, A. (1935-1997)…

Brunovsky, A. (1935-1997). (Flying female nudes surrounded by tree branches). Etching and aquatint, 16x12 cm., signed...

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77/1556   [Werkman, H.N.]. (Henkels, F.R.A.).

77/1556 [Werkman, H.N.]. (Henkels…

[Werkman, H.N.]. (Henkels, F.R.A.). Het lied van de vergeten ooms. N.pl. (Heerenveen), De Blauwe Schuit, 1943...

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77/459   [Russian avant-garde]. Vesch. Objet. Gegenstand. Revue internati

77/459 [Russian avant-garde]. Ves…

[Russian avant-garde]. Vesch. Objet. Gegenstand. Revue internationale de l'art moderne. Year 1, no. 1/2. Ed. El Lissitzky and E. Ehrenburg. ...

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77/5293   [Bible prints]. Jode, G. de (1509 or 1517-1591) (publ.).

77/5293 [Bible prints]. Jode, G. …

[Bible prints]. Jode, G. de (1509 or 1517-1591) (publ.). "Thesaurus sacrarum historiarum veteris testamenti (...)". "Thesaurus Novi Testamenti (...)". ...

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77/1813   [Electricity]. Maxwell, J.C.

77/1813 [Electricity]. Maxwell, J…

[Electricity]. Maxwell, J.C. A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. Oxf., Clarendon Press, 1873, 1st ed., 1st...

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77/866   Stuers, F.V.A. de.

77/866 Stuers, F.V.A. de.

Stuers, F.V.A. de. Mémoires sur la guerre de l'ile de Java de 1825 à 1830. Leyden, S. and J. Luchtmans,1833, 2 parts in 1 vol...

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77/2021   [Maritime history]. Waardenberg, J. (2nd half 18th cent.).

77/2021 [Maritime history]. Waard…

[Maritime history]. Waardenberg, J. (2nd half 18th cent.). "Joost Waardenberg zijn te boeck gestelde zeilen in den briel 1745." ...

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77/1713   [Anatomy]. Albinus, B.S.

77/1713 [Anatomy]. Albinus, B.S.

[Anatomy]. Albinus, B.S. Tabulae sceleti et musculorum corporis humani. Leyden, J. and H. Verbeek, 1747/ 1753...

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