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68 1 Alberts A 68 1 Alberts A
68/ 1 Alberts, A. Verzameld werk. Ed. G. Dorleijn and M. van Hengel. Amst., G.A. van Oorschot, (2005), 3 vols., 754,(2), 845,(3); 603,(5)p., india-paper, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr., orig. cl. slipcase (fine). Boomsma, G. Leven op de rand. Biografie van A. Alberts. Ibid., idem, 2007, 459,(2)p., plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr., large 8vo.
€ (40-60) 80
68/ 2 Amis, K. A Look Around the Estate. Poems 1957-67. London, J. Cape, 1967, 1st ed., 57,(1)p., orig. boards w. dustwr.

- Dustwr. trifle yellowed along fold of flaps and on verso of spine (hardly visible on recto). Otherwise very fine.

Idem. The Letters. Ed. Z. Leader. Ibid., Harper Collins, 2000, 1st ed., LIV,(2),1208p., plates, orig. boards w. dustwr. (fine). Idem. Girl, 20. Ibid., J. Cape, 1971, 1st ed., 253,(1)p., orig. boards w. dustwr.

- Bookseller's ticket on upper fold. flap (covering the price); dustwr. trifle worn at spine-ends and corners.

Greene, G. Travels With My Aunt. Ibid. etc., The Bodley Head, 1969, 1st ed., 319,(1)p., orig. cl. w. dustwr.

- Blindst. owner's entry "Th. Sontrop" in title-p. Traces of tape on verso of dustwr. at top of spine, shining through on recto.Idem. Monsignor Quixote. Ibid., idem, 1982, 1st ed., 220,(2)p., orig. cl. w. dustwr. (fine). - AND 7 others by/ on both authors, i.a. K. AMIS, Complete Stories. Introd. R. Cusk (ibid., 2011, orig. boards w. dustwr. A few sl. creased/ sl. rubbed spots in lower margin of backwr.) and Y. CLOETTA, In Search of a Beginning. My Life with Graham Greene (ibid., 2004, plates, orig. boards w. dustwr.).

€ (70-90)
68 3 Amis M 68 3 Amis M
68/ 3 Amis, M. Dead Babies. London, J. Cape, 1975, 1st ed., 254p., orig. boards w. dustwr.

- Bookplate of Intercontinental Literary Agency on first free endpaper. Sm. rubbed spot in top margin frontwr. Fine copy.

= Amis' second book. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

Idem. Success. Ibid., idem, 1978, 1st ed., 224p., orig. boards w. dustwr.

- Traces of bookplate on first free endpaper. Fine copy.

AND 6 others by the same, all fine first editions in orig. binding w. dustwr., i.a. The Information (ibid., 1995); Heavy Water and other stories (ibid., 1998); The War Against Cliché (ibid., 2001) and Lionel Asbo (ibid., 2012).

€ (70-90) 100
68 4 Anonymous 19th cent  68 4 Anonymous 19th cent
68 4 Anonymous 19th cent  68 4 Anonymous 19th cent
68/ 4 Anonymous (19th cent.). (Three women measuring the breasts of a classical statue of a woman). (Young woman sitting on the knee of her lover). Two handcol. galant lithographs, each ±25x21 cm., unif. framed.
€ (50-70) 50
68 5 Anonymous 20th cent  68 5 Anonymous 20th cent
68/ 5 Anonymous (20th cent.). (Owl on a small stack of books). Metal statuette, 4x4,5x11,5 cm. Anonymous (20th cent.). (Sleeping cat lying on two books). Wooden statuette, 10,5x11x8,5 cm. - AND 1 other.
€ (60-80) 100
68 6 Anonymous 2nd half 20th cent  68 6 Anonymous 2nd half 20th cent
68/ 6 Anonymous (2nd half 20th cent.). "Venus ascending". Colour lithograph, 55,2x42,9 cm., signed illegibly, titled, "nov. '85" and "28/30" in pencil, framed.
€ (70-90)
68 7 Aretino P 68 7 Aretino P
68/ 7 Aretino, P. Naar buiten met die tong! Wellustige sonnetten. Ed. and Dutch transl. G. Meijsing and J.-P. van Spaendonck. Kalmthout, De Carbolineum Pers, 2012, 2 vols., text vol.: 133p., ills. by J. DAMS, orig. stiff paper wr. (w. printed title and "exemplaar gedrukt voor Th.A. Sontrop"), sm. folio; commentary vol.: 139-156 lvs., loose as issued in orig. stiff paper chemise (w. printed title "Naar buiten met dat nawoord!"), large 8vo, printed in various colours in 55 numb, copies (50), the colophon signed by the translators and artist and w. the blindstamp of G. Meijsing, together in orig. dec. board slipcase.


€ (100-150) 100
68 8 Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek 68 8 Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek
68 8 Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek 68 8 Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek
68/ 8 Arnhemsche Fayencefabriek. Mantle clock with polychrome geometrical decoration, matte glaze pottery, hand-painted in shades of green, brown and black on ivory ground, ±34(h.)x30(w.)x22(d.) cm., bottom w. "Arnhem" cock stamp and painted decorator's mark and "82.s.o".

- Three thin cracks on back side; craquelé.

= With the ORIGINAL CLOCKWORK, incl. the key (functioning not checked).

ADDED: a pitcher by PLATEELBAKKERIJ SCHOONHOVEN (matte glaze pottery w. polychrome abstracted floral dec. With large crack in belly).

€ (100-150) 250
68/ 9 Asscher, M. Het uur der waarheid. Over de gevangschap als literaire ervaring. Amst./ Antw., Augustus, 2015, 2nd ed., 383,(1)p., orig. wr.

= The (first) trade edition of the author's thesis. With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION: "voor Theo, Die wel tralies heeft, maar gelukkig ook een deur. Groet van Maarten Asscher, A'dam, 7/XI/'15". With the accompanying laserprinted LETTER SIGNED ("Maarten") in which the author explains why he couldn't make his yearly visit to Sontrop and i.a. also on the biography of the publisher Geert van Oorschot: "(...) De lezer krijgt gaandeweg een bijna religieuze bewondering voor Gemma Nefkens, dat ze het al die jaren tussen dit eindeloze gekibbel en gekonkel heeft uitgehouden (...)".

WITH 15 AUTOGRAPH PICTURE POSTCARDS SIGNED and 7 AUTOGRAPH (3x printed) LETTERS SIGNED by the same, ±1990-2016 (partly undated), mainly on appointments and the yearly visits to Vlieland, but also on the early retirement of Sontrop.

= "(...) Laat me je danken voor het prachtige verhaal van Hotz dat je goede wensen ditmaal begeleidde. Het is een fraai vertelde "miniatuur-roman", die bovendien voor juristen nog iets extra's heeft, omdat het geval "spoorweg-ongeval De Vink" in het verzekeringsrecht zoiets is als de Slag bij Waterloo voor historici of de Titanic voor matrozen. Het is een troost dat ook daar literatuur van gemaakt kan worden (...)" [07/01/1990].

Idem. Appels en peren. Lof van de vergelijking. Amst./ Antw., Augustus, 2013, 1st ed., 223,(1)p., orig. wr.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION: "(...) Voor Theo Sontrop, bij wijze van dessert na een heerlijk avondje op Vlieland, met groet van Maarten. 1/10/'13".

AND 8 others by (1x on and 1x transl. by) the same, all first editions, orig. wr., i.a. Verbarium (Amst., 1994), Dingenliefde (Amst./ Antw., 2002) and OVER X-JES, DE ZANDLOPER EN DE HERENBOBBEL - Een handleiding tot de kunsten voor Maarten Asscher (Amst., 1998. Publ. on occas. of Asscher's retirement from Meulenhoff publishers).

€ (70-90) 110
68/ 10 Auden, W.H. Collected Shorter Poems 1927-1957./ Collected Longer Poems. London, Faber and Faber, 1966-1968, 1st eds., 2 vols., 351,(1); 356p., orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.

- Second vol. oblique fold in first free endpaper. Otherwise very fine.

Idem. A Certain World. A Commonplace Book. New York, Viking, 1970, 1st ed., VIII,438p., orig. cl. w. (sl. yellowed) dustwr. Idem. City Without Walls./ Academic Graffiti./ Epistle to a Godson./ Thank You, Fog. London, Faber and Faber, 1969/ 1971/ 1972/ 1974, all 1st eds., 4 vols., ill. by F. SANJUST (2nd vol.), orig. (not unif.) (h)cl./ boards w. dustwr.

- All vols. fine (dustwr. of Academic Graffiti sl. yellowed along extremities).

Douglas, K. Complete Poems. Ed. D. Graham. Oxf. etc., O.U.P., 1978, 1st ed., XIII,(1),145,(1)p., orig. boards w. dustwr. (fine). - AND 9 others, incl. 4 vols. by (1x)/ on AUDEN and 4 vols. by R. GRAVES all fine, i.a. E. MENDELSON, Later Auden (ibid., 1999, orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and H. CARPENTER, W.H. Auden A Biography (London, 1981, orig. cl. dustwr.) and R. GRAVES, Poems (1914-1926) (ibid., 1928, 2nd impression, orig. cl. w. mounted title-piece. With LOOSELY INSERTED PHOTOGRAPH of the author, E. Booth-Clibborn and P. Hogarth).

€ (80-100) 80
68 11 Auster P 68 11 Auster P
68 11 Auster P 68 11 Auster P
68/ 11 Auster, P. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Paul Auster", to "Dear Theo", dated "March 10, 1989", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto and verso, with orig. envelope.

= Thanking Sontrop for the "splendid week we had in Amsterdam last December" and expressing his eagerness to hear from Sontrop once "The Locked Room" is out and to receive any articles that might appear. Also on planned readings in America for which he hopes to interest Cees Nooteboom, and urging Sontrop to tell him he has to contact him soon. In the final lines he expresses his deep gratitude for being published in Holland by Sontrop: "I could not be in better hands!" SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

Idem. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Paul", to "Dear Theo", dated "April 7, 1989", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only, with orig. envelope.

= Written in gratitude for the "beautiful final volume of the Trilogy" that was sent to him by Sontrop, and qualifying it as "remarkably elegant". In passing he mentions having missed a call "all the way from Berlin" from Cees Nooteboom, and then writes about being exhausted by the launch of Moon Palace, and having to go to London the next week for more of the same after which he expects "to crawl into a hole and get back to work".

Idem. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED "Paul A.", to "Dear Theo", dated "11-20-90", pen and ink, 1 leaf, recto only, with orig. envelope.

= "The book looks wonderful - absolutely superb. And so huge. It's hard to believe that I ever managed to write so many pages. Yes, it was a pleasure seeing you on the run in Frankfurt. Nothing had prepared me for the sheer frenzy of that event (...) all in all I had a rather good time - although "good' might be not the correct word for it (...)". With "P.S." remark on the back of the envelope that the reading by Cees Nooteboom in New York went very well.

AND an empty AUTOGRAPH ENVELOPE by the same and addressed to the same (postmarked "Aug. 7 1990").

€ (400-600) 425
68 12 Auster P 68 12 Auster P
68/ 12 Auster, P. The New York Trilogy. I. City of Glass; II. Ghosts; III. The Locked Room. Los Angeles, Sun & Moon Press, 1985-1986, 1st eds., 3 vols., 203; 96; 179p., orig. unif. blue cl. w. dustwr.

- Small (1,5 cm.) tear in backwrapper of vol.1.

= First volume with AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION on title-p.: "For Theo S. - With infinite gratitude - and friendship - Paul A. [Amsterdam- 1-26-90]" and the other volumes SIGNED "Paul Auster" on title-p. All copies are in first edition with the third issue of the dustwr., w. publisher's logo and "NAF 4", "5" and "6" (New American Fiction series 4-6) at foot of dustwr. Very fine set. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE II.

€ (400-600) 425
68 13 Auster P 68 13 Auster P
68/ 13 Auster, P. Het spinsel van de eenzaamheid. Amst., De Arbeiderspers, 1988, 1st Dutch ed., 204p., orig. wr.

= Prive-domein n.141. With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION on title-p.: "For Theo S.: In Amsterdam, at last - with my deepest Thanks to you for this. Paul A. Dec. 9, 1988". SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE III.

AND 5 others by the same, all first (Engl.) editions, all in orig. boards w. dustwr., all very fine: Ground Work. Selected Poems and Essays 1970-1979 (London, Faber and Faber, 1990); The Red Notebook and other writings (ibid., idem, 1995); Hand to Mouth (New York, Henry Holt and Comp., 1997); Oracle Night (ibid., idem, 2003; w. blindstamp of Theo Sontrop in first free endpaper, first blank and htitle) and Sunset Park (London, Faber and Faber, 2010; w. blindstamp of Theo Sontrop in first free htitle and title-p.).

€ (50-70) 100
68/ 14 [Balthus]. Clair, J. Balthus. New York, Rizzoli, (2001), 495,(1)p., num. (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to. Leymarie, J. Balthus. Geneva/ New York, Skira/ Rizzoli, (1990), without pagination, 56 tipped-in col. plates, (full-p.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., slipcase, square folio. - AND 2 others on the same: S. REWALD, Balthus: Cats and Girls (London, 2013, (col.) ills., orig. cl. w. dustwr., 4to) and N. FOX WEBER, Balthus. A Biography (ibid., 1999, col. plates, ills., orig. boards w. dustwr., large 8vo). - ADDED: R.M. RILKE, Lettres à un jeune peintre, suivi de Mitsou (Paris, 1998, 40 ills. by BALTHUS, orig. boards w. dustwr., 4to).
€ (60-80) 60
68 15 Barnes J 68 15 Barnes J
68/ 15 Barnes, J. (Julian Barnes, Pat Kavanagh and Theo Sontrop). Gelatin silver print by BERT NIENHUIS, 21x29,7 cm., verso w. the photographer's copyright stamp. - AND 5 photographs of Beryl Bainbridge, 3x also showing Theo Sontrop (verso all w. copyright stamp of Fotobureau "'t Sticht", Utr.; 2 photogr. sl. yellowed along margins).


€ (50-70) 50
68 16 Barnes J 68 16 Barnes J
68/ 16 Barnes, J. Metroland. London, J. Cape, 1980, 1st ed., 176p., orig. boards w. dustwr.

- Bookplate on first free endpaper; vague fold in first 10 pages. Otherwise fine. = Barnes' debut.

Idem. Flaubert's Parrot. Ibid., idem, 1984, 1st ed., 190p., orig. boards w. dustwr. and with the promotional Booker Prize bellyband (fine copy). - AND 10 other first editions by the same, all 1st editions publ. J. Cape, all hardcover w. dustwr., all fine unless stated otherwise: A History of the World in 10½ Chapters (1989); Talking It Over (1991); Cross Channel (1996.Theo Sontrop's blindstamp in htitle; frontwr. trifle faded in top margin); England, England (1998); Love, etc. (2000. SIGNED on title-p.); The Lemon Table (2004. Theo Sontrop's blindst. in first free endpaper and htitle); The Sense of an Ending (2011); Pulse (2011); Levels of Life (2013. Tiny stain on colophon and htitle) and The Noise of Time (2016).

€ (100-150) 130
68/ 17 Beckett, S. The Letters (...). I. 1929-1940. Ed. M.D. Fehsenfeld and L.M. Overbeck. Cambridge, etc., C.U.P., 2009, XCIX,(1),782,(6)p., plates, orig. boards w. dustwr.

= Three more vols. were published.

Idem. Poems 1930-1989. London, Calder, 2002, 1st ed., XI,(1),226p., orig. boards w. dustwr. Idem. Dream of Fair to Middling Women. Ed. E O'Brien and E. Fournier. Introd. E. O'Brien. London/ Paris, Calder Publ., 1993, 1st Engl. ed., XX,(4),241,(1)p., orig. boards w. dustwr. Brenan, G. A Life of Own's Own. Childhood and Youth./ Personal Record 1920-1972. London, J. Cape, 1974-1975, 2nd/ 1st ed., 2 vols., IX,(1),244; 381p., plates, orig. unif. cl. w. dustwr.

- Both vols. owner's blindst. of Theo Sontrop in title. Otherwise fine.

AND 12 others on various Irish authors, incl. 3 translations of/ works on Beckett, i.a. G. BOWKER, James Joyce. A Biography (London, 2011, plates, orig. boards w.dustwr.); J. GATHORNE-HARDY, The Interior Castle. A Life of Gerald Brenan (London, 1992, plates, orig. boards w. dustwr.) and A. CRONIN, Samuel Beckett The Last Modernist (London, 1996, plates, orig. boards w. dustwr.).

€ (80-100) 80
68/ 18 Beddoes, T.L. The Complete Works. Ed. E. Gosse. London, The Fanfrolico Press, n.d. (1928), 2 vols., XXXV,(1),256,(1); (10),590p., frontisp. portrait, text ills. after H. HOLBEIN, printed in 750 numb. copies, orig. unif. hcl. w. paper letterpiece.

- Corners showing.

AND 2 others: W. BECKFORD OF FONTHILL, Dreams, Waking Thoughts and Incidents. Ed. R.J. Gemmett (Rutherford etc., 1971, plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and IDEM, The Travel-Diaries. Ed. G. Chapman (New York, 1972, plates, orig. cl. Facs. reprint of the ed. Cambr., 1928).

€ (50-70)
68/ 19 Bell, Q. Virginia Woolf. A Biography. New York, H.B. Jovanovich, 1972, 1st Am. ed., 2 parts in 1 vol., XV,(5),216; (4),314p., plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr. Light, A. Mrs Woolf & the Servants. London, Penguin, 2007, 1st ed., XXIII,(1),376p., ills., orig. boards w. dustwr. - AND 13 others, i.a. P. LEVY (ed.), The Letters of Lytton Strachey (London, 2005, 1st ed., orig. boards w. dustwr.); L. THOMPSON, Life in a Cold Climate. Nancy Mitford. A Portrait of a Contradictory Woman (ibid., 2003, 1st ed., plates, orig. boards w. dustwr.); K. JONES, Katherine Mansfield. The Story-Teller (Edinb., 2010, 1st ed., plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr.); A. CHISHOLM, Nancy Cunard (London, 1979, 1st ed., plates, orig. hcl. w. dustwr.) and N. CUNARD, These were the Hours. Memories of My Hours Press Réanville and Paris 1928-1931 (Carbondale etc., 1969, 1st ed., plates, orig. cl. w. dustwr.).
€ (70-90) 70
68/ 20 Bellow, S. Mr. Sammler's Planet. New York, The Viking Press, 1970, 1st ed., (6),313p., orig. hcl. w. dustwr.

- Owner's stamp on first free endpaper.

Idem. Letters. Ed. B. Taylor. Ibid., idem, 2010, 1st ed., XXXVI,571p., plates, orig. boards w. dustwr. Atlas, J. Bellow. A Biography. London/ New York, Faber and Faber/ Random House, 2000, XIV,686,(3)p., plates, orig. boards w. dustwr. - AND 8 others, i.a. S. BELLOW, The Dean's December (New York, 1982, 1st ed., orig. cl. w. dustwr.); IDEM, More Die of Heartbreak (ibid., 1987, 1st ed., orig. hcl. w. dustwr.); B. MALAMUD, The Tenants (ibid., 1971, orig. cl. w. dustwr.) and IDEM, The People and Uncollected Stories. Ed. R. Giroux (ibid., 1989, 1st ed., orig. hcl. w. dustwr.).

€ (70-90) 70
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