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77 881 Africa  Dapper O 77 881 Africa Dapper O
77 881 Africa  Dapper O 77 881 Africa Dapper O
77/ 881 [Africa]. Dapper, O. Naukeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche Gewesten van Egypten, Barbaryen, Libyen, Biledulgerid, Negroslant, Guinea, Ethiopiën, Abyssinie: vertoont in de Benamingen, Grenspalen, Steden, Revieren, Gewassen, Dieren, Zeeden, Drachten, Talen, Rijkdommen, Godsdiensten en Heerschappyen. Naukeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikaensche Eylanden: als Madagaskar, of Sant Laurens, Sant Thomee, d'eilanden van Kanarien, Kaep de Verd, Malta, en andere. Amst., J. van Meurs, 1668, 2 parts in 1 vol., (6),728,(18); (2),120[=128],(4)p., engr. frontisp., title-vignette, 12 (of 14 double-p./ fold.) maps, 31 (of 32) double-p. plates, large number of half-p. ills., contemp. vellum, folio.

- Lacks 2 maps (incl. the general map) and 1 double-p. plate; map of Guinea and plate of Benin dam. (both lack 1/3 of image); frontisp. dam.; lower blank half of final preliminary leaf cut off; 3 textleaves badly dam.; second part lacks final 2 unnumb. (index?) leaves; part of lower blank margin of view of Tripoli cut off; 1 plate w. closed tear; final 10 leaves of 2nd part waterstained (not affecting the plates); otherwise many leaves fingersoiled and/ or water-/ duststained/ foxed in (mainly blank) margins; lacks free endpapers and htitle. Vellum soiled.

= The rare first edition. Tiele 296/ 297; Paulitschke 190. Cat. NHSM, Mendelssohn, Kainbacher, Gay all later editions and translations. The first large general description of the African continent. The work is based on the early accounts of the Portuguese and Spanish explorers, the English works by Purchass and Jarrick, the journals and descriptions of Dutch navigators like Van Noort, Van Neck, Linschoten, Spilbergen, but especially on unpublished reports and eye-witness accounts of Dutch merchants, visitors and soldiers. Very detailed on the West Coast, where the Dutch ivory-, gold- and slave-trade flourished and on Angola (Luanda was captured by a WIC fleet in 1647). On the settlement on the Cape only a cursory note is found, while the surrounding tribes are described with remarkable detail. The second part, devoted to the African islands, from Malta to Madagascar, includes an ample account of the French colonization of the latter. The work is famous for its splendid detailed maps and plates, i.a. engraved after drawings by Reinier Noomsz (Zeeman). SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXV.

€ (1.000-1.500) 1200
77 882 Africa  Livingstone D 77 882 Africa Livingstone D
77 882 Africa  Livingstone D 77 882 Africa Livingstone D
77/ 882 [Africa]. Livingstone, D. Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa; including a sketch of sixteen years' residence in the interior of Africa, and a journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the west coast; thence across the continent, down the river Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean. London, J. Murray, 1857, 1st ed., IX,(1),687,(1)p., fold. woodengr. frontisp. view of the Victoria Falls, steelengr. portr. of the author, 2 fold. lithogr. maps, fold. woodengr. and letterpress cross-section, 22 woodengr. plates, num. textills., bound by R. NELSON in contemp. richly gilt hcalf w. black mor. letterpiece, marbled edges.

- Apart from a few false folds in the large map, a fine and attractively bound copy.

= Abbey Travel, 347; Mendelssohn I, p.908-910; Henze III, p.270; Gay 3034; cf. Kainbacher p.87. PMM 341: "Livingstone's services to African geography during thirty years are almost unequalled (...). He made three great expeditions; in 1853-56 (described in this book), 1858-64 and 1865-73, of which the first and third are the most important. During these years he explored vast regions of central Africa, many of which had never been seen by white men before." SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXVI.

€ (300-500) 300
77 883 Africa  Stanley H M 77 883 Africa Stanley H M
77 883 Africa  Stanley H M 77 883 Africa Stanley H M
77/ 883 [Africa]. Stanley, H.M. How I found Livingstone. Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa; Including Four Months' Residence with Dr. Livingstone. Berlin, A. Asher and Co., 1873, copyright ed., 3 vols., XXIV,230,(1); X,266; IX,(1),272p., 6 woodengr. plates, contemp. giltlettered hmor.

- All vols. occas. sl. foxed, esp. first (incl. plates) and last lvs.; vol.1 upper hinge partly splitting; vol. 3 one leaf repaired w. sellotape. Binding sl. worn.

= Vol. 54 of Asher's Collection of English Authors, British and American.

€ (80-100)
77 884 Africa  Stanley H M 77 884 Africa Stanley H M
77/ 884 [Africa]. Stanley, H.M. Through the Dark Continent. London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1878, 1st ed., 2 vols., XIV,(2),522; VIII,566p., 2 tinted lithogr. frontisp. portr., 9 (of 10) fold. col. lithogr. maps (incl. 1 large loosely inserted fold. map in rear pocket), 32 woodengr. plates, 117 woodengr. ills., orig. unif. gilt pict. cl.

- Lacks one large fold. map; one map loose; both vols. hinges weak(ening). Second vol. upper joint split(ting); both vols. spine-ends/ corners rubbed/ sl. worn.

= Henze V, p.214; Howgego S59.

€ (50-70) 70
77 885 Africa  Wilkins H St Clair 77 885 Africa Wilkins H St Clair
77/ 885 [Africa]. Wilkins, H. St. Clair. Reconnoitring in Abyssinia: a Narrative of the Proceedings of the Reconnoitring Party, prior to the Arrival of the Main Body of the Expeditionary Field Force. London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1870, 1st ed., XVI,409,(1)p., 10 chromolithogr. plates (incl. frontisp.), woodengr. ills., later gilt hcalf.

- Lacks the map. Frontisp., htitle and 2nd blank strengthened in inner margin w. tape; owner's entry on 2nd blank; 3 pages w. sm. tear in outer margin.

= Gay 2696; Milkias 4997.

€ (150-250) 180
77 886 Africa  Wissmann H von 77 886 Africa Wissmann H von
77/ 886 [Africa]. Wissmann, H. von. Meine zweite Durchquerung Äquatorial-Afrikas vom Congo zum Zambezi während der Jahre 1886 und 1887. Frankf. a.d. Oder, Verlag der Königlichen Hofbuchdruckerei Trowitzsch & Sohn, n.d. (1890), VII,(1),261p., engr. frontisp., 2 fold. col. maps in rear pocket, 30 engr. plates, ills., orig. dec. cl.

- Library stamps on title-p. Sl. worn along margins.

= Howgego W40; Kainbacher I, p.148. Hermann von Wissmann was a German explorer who travelled to Central Africa. He was in command of the military 'protection force', Schutztruppe and was renowned for his brutal suppresion of Southwestern Africa.

AND 4 others in 5 vols., various languages, i.a. H.W. WILSON, With the Flag to Pretoria (London, 1900, 2 vols., 2 fold. col. fold. maps, num. ills., orig. unif. gilt dec cl., folio. Owner's stamps on title-p. Covers sl. fingersoiled; without the 2 subsequent vols. titled After Pretoria).

€ (70-90) 70
77 887 America  Bryant W C  ed  77 887 America Bryant W C ed
77/ 887 [America]. Bryant, W.C. (ed.). Picturesque America; or, the land we live in. A delineation by pen and pencil of the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, water-falls, shores, cañons, valleys, cities, and other picturesque features of our country. New York, D. Appleton and Company, n.d. (1872-1874), 1st ed., 2 vols., VIII,568; VI,576p., 2 diff. steelengr. title-pages, 47 steelengr. plates, num. (full-p.) woodengr. ills., orig. unif. gilt darkblue hmor., a.e.g., folio.

- A few steelengr. plates dampstained; occas. sl. foxed. Otherwise a fine copy. = Sabin 62691.

€ (80-100) 180
77 888 America  De la Vega G 77 888 America De la Vega G
77/ 888 [America]. De la Vega, G. Histoire des Guerres Civiles des Espagnoles dans les Indes. Paris, "imprimé aux frais du Gouvernement", 1830, 4 vols., contemp. unif. gilt red hmor.

- Sl. foxed. Otherwise fine.

€ (150-250) 150
77 889 America  Duyckinck E A 77 889 America Duyckinck E A
77 889 America  Duyckinck E A 77 889 America Duyckinck E A
77 889 America  Duyckinck E A 77 889 America Duyckinck E A
77/ 889 [America]. Duyckinck, E.A. National History of the War for the Union, Civil, Military and Naval. New York, Johnson, Fry and Comp., n.d. (±1865), 3 vols., (2),II,620; (2),II,660; (2),II,642p., 77 steelengr. plates (incl. title-p. and frontisp.) by A. CHAPPEL and T. NAST, contemp. unif. gilt hmor., 4to.

- Sl. foxed; lower hinge of vol.1 broken. Bindings sl. rubbed along extremities; corners sl. worn.

= Attractive plates.

€ (100-150) 140
77 890 America  Grant U S 77 890 America Grant U S
77 890 America  Grant U S 77 890 America Grant U S
77/ 890 [America]. Grant, U.S. Personal Memoirs. New York, C.L. Webster, 1885, 1st ed., 2 vols., 584; 647,(1)p., 2 steelengr. frontisp. portraits, 2 plates, num. (fold.) facsimiles/ maps/ ills., orig. unif. giltlettered calf w. 2 contrasting mor. letterpieces.

- Frontisp. to vol.2 dampstained. Both vols. bookplates on upper endpaper; both vols. leather sl. dried and chafed/ sl. worn along extremities.

€ (150-250)
77 891 America  Kendall G W 77 891 America Kendall G W
77 891 America  Kendall G W 77 891 America Kendall G W
77/ 891 [America]. Kendall, G.W. Narrative of the Texan Sante Fé Expedition. Comprising a Description of a Tour through Texas, and across the Great Southwestern Prairies (...) with an Account of the Sufferings from Want of Food (...) and final Capture of Texas (...). London, Wiley & Putnam, 1844, 1st Engl. ed., 2 vols., (2),XII,13-405; XII,13-406p., 2 diff. steelengr. frontisp., fold. engr. map of Texas and 3 plates, contemp. unif. gilt calf w. gilt supralibros of the Society of Writers of the Signet and 2 red mor. letterpieces.

- Vol. 1 closed tear in map; 6 leaves w. receding inkstain in text (max. Ø 8 mm); occas. sl. foxed; both vols. shelf no. ticket on upper pastedown. Frontcover of the first vol. loose; both vols. foot of spine chipped and binding worn along extremities.

= The rare first English edition, published in the same year as the first American edition. The 'Texan Santa Fe Expedition' was a commercial and military expedition to secure the Republic of Texas's claims to parts of Northern New Mexico for Texas in 1841. Sabin 37360; Howes K75; Palau 127837.

€ (200-300) 210
77 892 America  Laet J de 77 892 America Laet J de
77 892 America  Laet J de 77 892 America Laet J de
77/ 892 [America]. Laet, J. de. Beschryvinghe van West-Indien. Leyden, I. Elzevier, 1630, 2nd ed., engr. title, woodcut ills., contemp. vellum, folio.

- Stripped copy; lacks at least 52 pages; bookblock broken; libr. stamps on engr. title. Backcover loose; spine dam. Sold w.a.f.

= Cf. Tiele 626; Willems 230; Asher 2; Sabin 38554; Borba de Moraes I, p.450. De Laet (Antwerp, 1581-1649) had participated in the Synod of Dordrecht on the Contra-Remonstrant side and was director of the West India Company. To prepare for his work on the New World, he interviewed Dutch seamen and reviewed virtually all the existing books on the subject in all languages. The outcome was less alluring than Linschoten's Itinerario, but it was a more informative book with its clear sailing instructions and coastal cards."

Marmontel, (J.F.). Les Incas, ou la destruction de l'empire du Perou.Paris, Lacombe, 1777, 1st ed., 2 vols., (2),VIII,252; (4),280,(4)p., contemp. unif. calf w. gilt spine.

= Good/ fine copy of the first edition without the plates (published in the same year as the illustrated edition). Cioranescu 43018; cf. Cohen/ De Ricci p.690; Tchemerzine VII, 463; Sabin 44652; Sander 1303.

AND 2 others.

€ (100-150) 300
77 893 America  Parkman F 77 893 America Parkman F
77/ 893 [America]. Parkman, F. History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac, and the War of the North American Tribes against the English Colonies after the Conquest of Canada. Boston, C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1851, 1st ed., XXIV,630p., 4 steelengr. maps (2x double-p.), modern gilt hcalf.

- One map and 3 preceding textleaves sl. dampstained in outer margin. Otherwise fine.

€ (70-90) 110
77 894 America  Quinn D B and M and Hillier S 77 894 America Quinn D B and M and Hillier S
77/ 894 [America]. Quinn, D.B. and M. and Hillier, S. New American World. A Documentary History of North America to 1612. London, The Macmillan Press, 1979, 5 vols., num. plates, ills., orig. unif. gilt cl. w. dustwr., together in orig. board slipcase, 4to.
€ (70-90)
77/895  Ant arctica  Archive mainly concerning the Dutch expedition to the North Pole of 1882 1883 77/895 Ant arctica Archive mainly concerning the Dutch expedition to the North Pole of 1882 1883
77/895  Ant arctica  Archive mainly concerning the Dutch expedition to the North Pole of 1882 1883 77/895 Ant arctica Archive mainly concerning the Dutch expedition to the North Pole of 1882 1883
77/ 895 [(Ant)arctica]. Archive mainly concerning the Dutch expedition to the North-Pole of 1882-1883, consisting of 29 documents, (small) publications w. dedications (mainly to M. SNELLEN and H. EKAMA) and 1 manuscript item, mainly concerning the 1882-1883 expedition, but also a few on later expeditions by Dutch and Scandinavian explorers.

Comprises i.a. the following interesting items:

"Noordpoollied, of de waarachtige geschiedenis der kloekheid en onversaagdheid van Nederlanders in de IJszeeën". No date (±1883), pen and ink, 1 fold. leaf, (3)p.

= A festive song apparently written for H.J. Kremer, nicknamed "Oude Beer" or "alle bear" (accord. to a note on the first page), who was the doctor of the 1882-83 expedition.

Holm, Th. Recherches anatomiques et morphologiques sur deux monocotylédones submergées. Stockholm, P.A. Norstedt & Soner, 1885, 1st ed., 24p., 4 lithogr. plates, orig. wr.

- Partly dampstained, title-p. yellowed. Frontwr. loosening.

= With AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION signed "de l'auteur" to "Monsieur Dr. Ekama" on verso frontwr.

Idem. Novaia-Zemlia's Vegetation, saerligt dens Phanerogamer. Copenhagen, Bianco Lunos, 1885, 71p., 12 lithogr. plates, orig. wr.

- Damp/ waterstained almost throughout. Spine broken; frontwr. foxed.

= With AUTOGRAPH SIGNED DEDICATION to "le professeur M. Snellen" on frontwr.

Weypregt, C. Praktische Anleitung zur Beobachtung der Polarlichter und der magnetischen Erscheinungen in hohen Breiten. Vienna, M. Perles, 1881, 48p., orig. wr.

- Contents loose and trifle dampstained/ yellowed along margins.

= With SIGNED "Mit Gruß!" on tilte-p. and w. owner's entry of "MAURITS SNELLEN" on frontwr. With loosely inserted AUTOGRAPH LEAF w. TRANSCRIPT (possibly by M. SNELLEN) of "Schema voor de Poollicht waarnemingen" (with annot. "Overgenomen uit Weyprecht" in lower margin). With another copy of the same work also w. owner's entry of "Maurits Snellen".

"Vad. H.C. Nielsens Begravelse Karqa havet den 18 Mai 1883". Bifolium, (3)p., lithogr. and manuscript text on p.(1), manuscript burial service text in pen and ink on p.(2-3).

= Nothing could be traced on H.C. Nielsen.

Koolemans Beynen, L.R. De reis der Pandora naar de Noordpoolgewesten in den zomer van 1875/ 1876. Amst., C.F. Stemler, 1880, 4 parts in 1 vol., 16 (fold.) maps/ plates/ tables, orig. cl, .4to.

- A few maps/ plates sm split on fold(s). Backcover dampstained.

= Also includes 2 parts on the expedition with the Willem Barents to and in "de IJszee, in den Zomer van 1878/ 1879."

Koolemans Beynen, L.R. De reis der Pandora naar de Noordpoolgewesten in den zomer van 1875. Amst., C.F. Stemler, 1876, 1st ed., (8),96p.,1 col. lithogr. map, orig. wr.

- Backwr. sl. creased. = SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXVI.

€ (500-700) 500
77 896  Ant arctica  Ross J 77 896 Ant arctica Ross J
77/ 896 [(Ant)arctica]. Ross, J. Narrative of a Second Voyage in Search of a North-West Passage, and of a Residence in the Arctic Regions During the Years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833. Paris, A. and W. Galignani & Cie., 1835, (6),XXVI,542p., 6 (1x fold.) lithogr. maps (1x printed in black and red), contemp. hcalf, richly gilt spine w. mor. letterpiece.

- Bookplate on upper pastedown; a few lvs. waterst. in upper margin.

= Henze IV, p.668ff (on James Clark Ross) and p.677ff (on John Ross); Cat. Nat. Maritime Mus. 850: "As a result of the failure of his voyage in 1818, the Admiralty refused to support Ross in a second attempt. It was not until 1829 that the assistance of Felix Booth, the Sheriff of London, enabled him to set out in the small paddle-steamer Victory, with his nephew, James Clark Ross, as second-in-command. The expedition survived four winters beset in the Arctic, during which James Clark Ross discovered the northern magnetic pole on May 31, 1831. John Ross was knighted on the expedition's return."

€ (100-150) 120
77 897  Ant arctica  Snellen M 77 897 Ant arctica Snellen M
77/ 897 [(Ant)arctica]. Snellen, M. De Nederlandsche Pool-Expeditie 1882-83. Ed. B.J.G. Volck. Utr., L.E. Bosch en Zoon, 1886, XII,164p., photogr. frontisp. portrait (of Buys Ballot), 23 photogr. plates, folio.

- Occas. vaguely foxed. Both covers a few vaguely rubbed spots and trace of moisture.

= Very rare copy of the DELUXE edition bound (by ?) in full gilt pannelled calf, inner panel unpolished blue calf surrounded by darkblue polished calf, gilt inside dentelles, gilt board edges, a.e.g., orig. gilt pict. cloth wrappers. Probably one of the 15 presentation copies printed for the 10 members of the expedition and 5 closely involved parties, incl. Buys Ballot. No other copy of the deluxe edition traced in the trade. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXVII.

€ (600-800) 750
77 898 Archaeology  Ponce N 77 898 Archaeology Ponce N
77 898 Archaeology  Ponce N 77 898 Archaeology Ponce N
77/ 898 [Archaeology]. Ponce, N. Description des bains de Titus, ou Collection des peintures trouvées dans les ruines des thermes de cet empereur. Paris/ Yverdun, the author, Barbou/ De Félice, 1786-1788, (2),99,(1) textp., 59 (of 60) engr. plates, orig. wr. to the three instalments pres., folio.

- Lacks plate 22 and the description of plates 1-3; three plates waterstained, otherwise fine.

= Kat. Orn. Berlin 3951.

€ (200-300)
77 899 Atlases  Grenet l'Abbé 77 899 Atlases Grenet l'Abbé
77 899 Atlases  Grenet l'Abbé 77 899 Atlases Grenet l'Abbé
77/ 899 [Atlases]. Grenet, l'Abbé. Atlas portatif pour servir à l'intelligence des auteurs classiques. N.pl. (Paris), 1779-1790, double-p. engr. title-p., 86 double-p. maps w. handcol. borders (incl. 2 worldmaps) by M. BONNE, contemp. gilt hmor., 4to.

- Occas. trifle foxed. Binding sl. rubbed and chafed.

= Cf. Phillips 288 (mentions only 44 maps). With (contemp./ sl. later) manuscript index bound at the beginning. SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE XXVII.

€ (500-700) 550
77 900 Atlases  Meyer J 77 900 Atlases Meyer J
77/ 900 [Atlases]. Meyer, J. Neuester Universal-Atlas für alte & neue Erdkunde. Hildburghausen, Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts, n.d. (±1840), title and index leaf, celestial plate w. movable part, 89 partly handcol. steelengr. maps, 12 (fold.) letterpress tables, contemp./ sl. later hcl., sm. folio.

- Partly sl. foxed/ yellowed; one map (Switzerland) heavily browned; one table loose; one map loosening.

= Espenhorst

€ (150-250) 400
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