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79 2049 Albert le Rond J d'  79 2049 Albert le Rond J d'
79/2049 (Albert le Rond, J. d'.). Élémens de musique théorique et pratique, suivant les principes de M. Rameau. Paris/ Lyon, Ch.-A. Jombert/ J.-M. Bruyset, 1759, XVI,171,(2)p., 10 fold. engr. scores and tables, late 19th cent. giltlettered hcalf.

- Upper right corner of title-p. torn off (loss of part of the word "Elemens"); occas. sl. foxed; fold. plates w. light brown stain in upper margin. Binding rubbed along extremities.

€ (150-250)
79/2050 Almanach musical pour 1854 1865 1867 1869 79/2050 Almanach musical pour 1854 1865 1867 1869
79/2050 Almanach musical pour 1854-1865, 1867-1869. Paris, Houssiaux, Collignon a.o., (1853-1868), 15 parts in 3 vols., num. woodengr. ills., num. scores, contemp. unif. giltlettered cl.

- Title-p. occas. cut sl. short in lower margin; occas. sl. foxed. = Rare set.

BOUND WITH (in the third vol.): Almanach illustré chronologique, historique, critique et anecdotique de la musique Par un musicien. Year 1 (Paris, 1866, woodengr. ills., scores).

€ (80-100) 80
79 2051 Auber D F E 79 2051 Auber D F E
79/2051 Auber, D.F.E. Gustave ou le bal masqué. Piano and song adapt. by J. Rummel. Mainz/ Antw., B. Schott's Söhnen, n.d. (1834), plate no. 3826, lithogr. title, 20; 22 letterpress textp.; 416p. w. lithogr. score, later clothbacked boards, large 4to.

- A good/ fine copy.

AND 1 other: C.M. VON WEBER, Der Freischütz. Piano adapt. by C. Zulehner (Mainz, B. Schott, n.d. (1822), engr. title-p. w. oval vignette, engr. score, contemp. hcalf, obl. 4to. Title-p. soiled and worn along extremities; bookblock loosening; binding worn/ sl. dam.)

€ (80-100)
79 2052 Ballet and dance  Johnson A E 79 2052 Ballet and dance Johnson A E
79/2052 [Ballet and dance]. Johnson, A.E. The Russian Ballet. London, Constable & Co., 1913, 240p., 12 col. plates and monochr. ills.by R. BULL, orig. gilt buckram, t.e.g., 4to.

- Covers and spine (dust)stained; sl. discoloured and sl. worn.

= Derra de Moroda 1393. Describing 18 famous Russian ballets (i.a. Scheherazade and Le Sacre du Printemps) and great ballet personalities like Nijinsky, Pavlova and Leon Bakst.

AND 2 others: A.L. HASKELL, Baron at the Ballet. Baron Encore (London, 1950/ 1952, 2 vols., (col.) plates, ills., printed in 50 copies specially bound for the author, orig. unif. calf, t.e.g., board chemise. Both copies SIGNED by Baron).

€ (50-70) 50
79 2053 Berlioz H 79 2053 Berlioz H
79/2053 Berlioz, H. Grand Traité d'Instrumentation et d'Orchestration Modernes. Paris, Schönenberger, n.d. (1855), plate no. S966, new ed., (2),312p., entirely lithographed (text and scores), orig. clothbacked lithogr. boards, folio.

- Sl. foxed throughout; first half w. vague dampstain in lower outer corner. Binding rubbed along extremities and browned.

= Hopkinson 30B.

€ (80-100) 80
79 2054 Bourdelot P 79 2054 Bourdelot P
79/2054 Bourdelot, P. Histoire de la musique depuis son origine, les progrès successifs de cet art jusqu'à present, et la comparaison De la Musique Italienne & de la Musique Françoise. The Hague/ Frankf. a.M., aux Depens de la Compagnie, 1743, 4 parts in 2 vols., engr. frontisp., 2 title-vignettes, 1 fold. plate, early 20th cent. unif. giltlettered hcl.

= Eitner II, 115, 153.

€ (100-150) 110
79 2055 Brahms J  Miller zu Aichholz V von 79 2055 Brahms J Miller zu Aichholz V von
79/2055 [Brahms, J.]. Miller zu Aichholz, V. von. Ein Brahms-Bilderbuch. Vienna, R. Lechner, n.d. (1905), (4),119p., 29 plates w. num. ills., orig. gilt cl. w. mounted circular portrait of Brahms on frontcover, large 4to.

- Covers trifle foxed. = Rare.

AND 1 other: J. BRAHMS, Concerto for Violin, Op.77. A Facsimile of the Holograph Score. Introd. Y. Menuhin (Washington, 1979, orig. gilt boards, obl. 4to. Fine).

€ (100-150) 110
79 2056 Burney C 79 2056 Burney C
79/2056 Burney, C. The present state of music in Germany, The Netherlands and United Provinces. Or, The Journal of a Tour through those Countries, undertaken to collect Materials for a general history of music. London, T. Becker etc., 1775, 2nd corr. ed., 2 vols., VIII,380; (4),352p., music examples, 20th cent. unif. buckram w. mor. letterpiece.

- Occas. sl. foxed. = Lowndes I, 325; MGG I,495.

€ (200-300)
79 2057 Cinema  Irzykowski K 79 2057 Cinema Irzykowski K
79/2057 [Cinema]. Irzykowski, K. Dziesiąta muza. Zagadnenia estetyczne kina (The tenth muse. Aesthetic problems of cinema). Kraków, Krakowska Społka Wydawnicza, 1924, 238,(2)p., sl. later buckram, orig. wr. by L. KOBIERSKI pres.

- Good/ fine copy.

= Rare and important work of cinema criticism in 1920s Poland, with fine expressionist frontcover design. See at large K. KUC, Visions of Avant-Garde Film. Polish cinematic experiments from expressionism to constructivism (Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 2016, p.55ff).

€ (100-150)
79 2058 Dance  Weerdt M de and Schwab A  ed  79 2058 Dance Weerdt M de and Schwab A ed
79/2058 [Dance]. Weerdt, M. de and Schwab, A. (ed.). Monte Dada. Ausdruckstanz und Avantgarde. Bern, Stämpfli, 2018, 199,(1)p., col. ills., orig. boards, large 8vo. Ochaim, B. and Wallner, J. (ed.). Der absolute Tanz. Tänzerinnen der Weimarer Republik. Berlin, Georg Kolbe Museum, 2021, 224p., col. ills., orig. wr. Adam, H. and Schöne, S. (ed.). Ausdrucks Tanz und Bauhaus Bühne. Hannover/ Petersburg, Museum August Kestner/ M. Imhof, 2019, 191,(1)p., col. ills., orig. wr., 4to. - AND 10 others, i.a. F.H. WINTHER, Körperbildung als Kunst und Pflicht (Munich, 1919, 3rd ed., 106 ills., orig. cl.); F. THIESS, Der Tanz als Kunstwerk (ibid., 1920, 2nd ed., 24 plates, orig. cl.) and R. VON LABAN, Die Welt des Tänzers. Fünf Gedankenreigen (Stuttg., 1920, col. frontisp., ills., orig. clothbacked boards).
€ (60-80) 60
79 2059 Debussy C and Hellé A 79 2059 Debussy C and Hellé A
79 2059 Debussy C and Hellé A 79 2059 Debussy C and Hellé A
79 2059 Debussy C and Hellé A 79 2059 Debussy C and Hellé A
79/2059 Debussy, C. and Hellé, A. La boîte à joujoux. Ballet pour enfants. Paris, A. Durand & Fils, 1919, 1st ed., (10)p. (incl. col. title-p.), col. ills. and 17 col. plates (incl. 4 divis. titles and tailpiece) by A. HELLÉ, 48p. w. scores, orig. dec. wr., obl. 4to.

- Spine dam.; frontwr. loose(ning) and sl. frayed/ foxed; backwr. and fore-edge sl. waterst.

= Bilderwelt 2655 (later ed.).

AND a (poor) duplicate of the same work in contemp. clothbacked boards.

€ (50-70) 80
79 2060 Ditters von Dittersdorf K 79 2060 Ditters von Dittersdorf K
79/2060 Ditters von Dittersdorf, K. Lebensbeschreibung. Leipsic, Breitkopf und Härtel, 1801, 1st ed., XVI,294p., contemp. marbled boards w. red mor. letterpiece.

- Sm. portion of upper outer corner of first free endpaper cut off; later owner's entry on first free endpaper; a few scattered vague pencil marks in blank margin; sm. receding brown stain in outer margin of preliminary leaves. Binding trifle rubbed along extremities.

= Dittersdorf's autobiography as dictated to his son.

€ (100-150)
79 2061 Durand E 79 2061 Durand E
79 2061 Durand E 79 2061 Durand E
79/2061 Durand, E. Traité Complet d'harmonie théorique et pratique. Paris, A. Leduc, n.d. (±1900), (10),521p., num. music examples, sl. later hcl., 4to.

= From the library of Wouter Hutschenruijter (owner's entry on first blank).

AND 1 other by the same.

€ (70-90)
79 2062 Faber F 79 2062 Faber F
79/2062 Faber, F. Histoire du théâtre français en Belgique depuis son origine jusquà nos jours. Brussels/ Paris, F.J. Olivier/ Maison Tresse, 1878-1880, 5 vols., engr. frontisp. by H. FABER, contemp. unif. gilt burgundy hmor.

- A few quires in vol.4 sl. bumped in outer upper blank corner. All vols. w. traces of cut out former library tag on frontcover.

WITH the often lacking bibliographical appendix to the work by F. FABER, Documents authentiques et inédits tirés des Archives Generales du Royaume et Biliographie concernant le Théâtre Français en Belgique (ibid., 1880, bound in unif. gilt burgundy hmor.).

€ (80-100)
79 2063 Fétis F J 79 2063 Fétis F J
79/2063 Fétis, F.J. Biographie universelle des musiciens et bibliographie générale de la musique. Paris, Firmin-Didot, 1868-1881, 2nd ed., 10 vols. (incl. 2 supplement vols.), contemp. unif. gilt hcalf, t.e.g.

- Partly foxed. Spines parlty sl. stained. = Nicely bound set.

€ (150-250) 150
79 2064 Fétis F J 79 2064 Fétis F J
79/2064 Fétis, F.J. Catalogue de la bibliothèque de F.J. Fétis, acquise par l'état belge. Brussels, Lirbairie Européenne C. Muquardt, 1877, XI,(1),946p., contemp. gilt hmor.

- Upper joint sl. rubbed. = Lists 7325 works.

€ (70-90) 90
79 2065 Fétis F J and Kiesewetter R G 79 2065 Fétis F J and Kiesewetter R G
79/2065 Fétis, F.J. and Kiesewetter, R.G. Die Verdienste der Niederlaender um die Tonkunst. In Beantwortung der (...) im Jahre 1826 ausgeschriebenen Frage: Welche Verdienste haben sich die Niederländer, namentlich des 14ten, 15ten und 16ten Jahrhunderts, im Fache der Tonkunst erworben (...)? Quels sont les mérites des Neerlandais dans la musique, principalement aux 14e, 15e et 16e siècles; et quelle influence les artistes de ce pays qui ont séjourné en Italie, ont-ils exercée sur les écoles de musique, qui se sont formées peu après cette époque en Italie?" Amst., J. Muller en Comp., 1829, 2 parts in 1 vol., (6),120; 58p., 73 lithogr. plates w. music examples ("Musicalische Beilagen von A bis P zur Darstellung der Entstehung und der Fortschritte des Gesanges mit mehreren Stimmen und der allmählichen Ausbildung des Contrapunctes"), German and French language, 20th cent. hmor. w. green letterpiece, orig. wr. pres., 4to.

- Repaired tear in first free endpaper. = Rare.

€ (50-70)
79 2066 Fiorillo F 79 2066 Fiorillo F
79/2066 Fiorillo, F. Six Sonatas a deux violons. Oeuvre I. Berlin, J.J. Hummel/ Amst., Grand Magazin de Musique, n.d. (±1795), plate no. 419, 2 vols., 14; 14p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores, contemp. boards w. manuscript title-piece on both covers, orig. wr., 4to. - BOUND WITH: Pleyel, J. Trois duos Pour Deux Violons. Adapt. by J. Fodor. Ibid., iidem, n.d. (±1795), plate no. 797, 15; 15p., 2 ident. engr. title-p., engr. scores.

- Lower outer corner sl. fingersoiled throughout; owner's entry on both title-p. of the first work. Frontcovers loose(ning). Good copy.

€ (100-150) 100
79 2067 Galin P 79 2067 Galin P
79 2067 Galin P 79 2067 Galin P
79 2067 Galin P 79 2067 Galin P
79/2067 Galin, P. Exposition d'une Nouvelle Méthode pour L'enseignement de la Musique. Paris, Rey et Gravier, 1818, 1st ed., (6), 284p., engr. frontisp., contemp. gilt red morocco w. presentation "A S.M. Le Roy des Pay Bas." in giltlettering on frontcover, within refined roll-tooled border consisting of vases, floral elements and a sm. square labyrinth motif, a.e.g.

- Sm. foxed spot in lower blank margin of frontisp.; 2 leaves w. sm. closed tear. Backcover sl. waterstained.

= Attractive binding by ? SEE ILLUSTRATION PLATE LXXIII.

€ (200-300) 200
79/2068 Gedenkboek der Wagnervereeniging Haar geschiedenis in beeld 1884 1934 79/2068 Gedenkboek der Wagnervereeniging Haar geschiedenis in beeld 1884 1934
79/2068 Gedenkboek der Wagnervereeniging. Haar geschiedenis in beeld 1884-1934. Amst., Wagnervereeniging, 1934, 281p., num. ills., typography and dec. by M. KROPHOLLER, orig. cl. w. gilt vignette by S. JESSURUN DE MESQUITA, 4to.

- Fine copy. = Scarce.

€ (50-70) 60
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