78 1914 Drawings Potter Beatrix 1866 1943
78/1914 [Drawings]. Potter, Beatrix (1866-1943). (Studies of a rabbit's head). Watercolour, 29x22 cm., dated "Aug 6th 01" and with SIGNED DEDICATION "For Ernestine from Beatrix Potter July 24th 1928" in pencil, on greyish paper.

- Backed with thin Japanese; pinholes in corners; sl. yellowed in out blank margins; a few sm. foxed spots, mainly in outer blank margins.

= Fine studies, showing a rabbit's head in ten different positions; two small pencil sketches of a mouse are vaguely visible in the right margin. The studies pre-date the first privately published edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit of December 1901; the first trade edition was published in October 1902. SEE ILLUSTRATION ON FRONTCOVER.

€ (10.000-15.000) 20000